Monday, June 7, 2010


After last week's sour double-header downer I was craving one of my comfort courses.  Golf Quest sporting complex was the destination of the week.  The weather reports were ominous so I didn't want to stray too far from home and this course is just about 35 minutes away in Brookfield, Connecticut.  Simple and charming, this place always makes me smile.

When you first drive up, the main building which houses the driving range, pro shop and snack bar is crisp, clean and inviting.  There are some trees for shade over the parking lot.  The course is to the left.  You don't have to go to the main building except for the restrooms because the mini golf office is, as it should be, in a hut at the entrance to the course. There is also a snack or ice cream shack there but I've never seen that open.  As you approach the hut there is a small pond on the left which begins the vague New England theme.

The course is not very difficult but it is challenging enough to hold my interest as a repeat visitor.  The holes are varied with bumps, berms and rough patches.  There are a couple of multi-level courses for added fun.  One of the quirky bits about this little gem is the choice of fairway colors.  They are bright and cheerful but nothing about this place is garish or over-stated.   The colors add a little visual whimsy without giant mechanical creatures.

Some of the fairway colors are evocative of a mid-century Barbie Dream House. 

If Barbie and Ken went on a New England adventure this is surely where they would have played mini golf.  

For an overall fun and refreshing game of mini golf, this is the place.  It is laid-back, and relaxing without being dull or boring.  Bring the kids [when I'm not there] and have a great family outing.  The course is well maintained and the brief interaction I have had with the staff has always been pleasant.  

I give this place a B+.  Points deducted only for degree of difficulty and lack of those great ball retriever flags.  

Golf Quest Family Sport Center
1 Sand Cut Road
Brookfield, CT.

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  1. awwwwwe, I know this place personally, thanks for sharing. May have to go hit a few in the near future.
    j. martin fiore