Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday was a less-than-ideal day for a round of miniature golf.  It was below my self-imposed 65* temperature, there were wind gusts up around 50 mph and it was Mother's Day.  We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we would not be playing but we wound up in the neighborhood and could not possibly drive past without stopping in for a game.  

Fairview Golf Center is located in Elmsford, New York and is nestled in an industrial complex.  There are two courses along with a double-deck driving range, a pro shop and a small snack bar. We like this place.  This is not a kiddy, amusement center.  There are no pinball machines.  There is no Dance Dance Revolution blaring.  OK, I miss the giant windmills and 10 foot tall rabbit, but that's just me.  These are two very challenging courses.  


This weekend there was no decision to be made.  Only the Legends course is open as the Masters course is being spruced up for the season.  As a bonus the price is reduced to $5.00 from the normal $7.50 per round/per course.  The Legends course has longer holes, steeper inclines, drops and dog leg holes.  The course is in good shape but the water features are currently dry.  This is a pretty course to play.  There are lush surroundings and it is peaceful.  It is not so relaxing once you begin the game.  

The par for this course is 39.  Forget it.  If you focus on that par number you will find yourself doing quite a bit of swearing.  This course is tough.  There are no square angles and using geometry is difficult here.  The fairways often bend making it difficult to even see the target.  Many of the actual holes are raised and/or sloped.  This is not hole-in-one territory although I have gotten lucky a few times.  "Lucky" is the key word here.  As much as I would like to take credit, "holes-in-one" are not a skill shot here, they are strictly a matter of happenstance.  

The most difficult holes are the up-hill battles.  The inclines are steep, the turf is slow and the landing is precarious.  Add super-strong wind into that mix and you have the perfect recipe for frustration.  Yesterday I made a perfect shot up one of the very steep fairways, the ball landed perfectly just a foot shy of the hole and stopped.  Seconds later the wind laughed at me and sent the ball back down to the tee.  Yes I swore.  No, there were no kids nearby.  

I played a pretty lousy game but so did my golf partner and so I managed to win by a couple of strokes.  No matter how many times you play this course it remains a challenge and therefor retains its charm.  I like a challenge.  Overall I rate this golf center very high on my list.  I would give it a B+ for the layout, location, amenities, cost and upkeep.  Adding to the charm is that it is twenty minutes from my home.  It's great to have an outstanding pair of courses as the local default location.

Here are some more photos of the center.

Fairview Golf Center
300 Waterside Drive
Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone: (914)-592-1666


  1. Yes, it WAS windy! We lost a mature, live oak tree in our backyard to the wind over the weekend. Thank goodness it didn't fall on the house! We didn't see it fall because we were upstate, where it was windy and.....SNOWING!

  2. Christopher, beautiful pics it looks like a nice course to play, glad you had fun despite all the obstacles! Love T