Monday, May 17, 2010


It was an ideal Spring Saturday here in suburban New York.  It was sunny and warm but not hot.  The sun was bright and strong and there was a mild breeze.  We chose Saxon Woods as our mini golf venue.  We had played the course only once before and I was eager to get back for another round.  The course is set in a Westchester County park which features an 18 hole "real" golf course, a beautiful swimming pool, picnic area, a playground and the mini golf course.  The location is beautiful and lush and it feels like you are much more than the 15 or so miles from the congestion of New York City.

This is a pretty, challenging and well-kept course.  The greens are in great shape.  Nearly all of the holes are difficult, involving water, berms, traps and turns.  I like the challenge.  


There are a couple of gimmicky holes.  There is one that has a choice of three tunnels.  One has large flower pots spiraling up a steep incline making a direct shot impossible.  One has a bright yellow metal loop-de-loop  paying homage to the courses of my childhood but even the loop-de-loop is steeper and more fierce than they kiddy ones.  

One of the bonus features of this course is that the flags in each hole hold a basket which makes it possible to retrieve the golf ball without bending.  For those of us who are middle-aged with less than perfect backs this is a little touch that I wish more courses offered.  

I did manage go make two holes-in one which always makes the experience a little more gleeful.  Overall I rate this course an A-.  My only deductions are that the fairways could be a little more visually stimulating and that the huge public pool is adjacent to the course which, I'm sure, in Summer will be loud and possibly distracting.

Saxon Woods Mini Golf
1800 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY  10604
  phone: 914.995.2618

4-The cost is $6.00 and no park permit is needed.-2618

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